Small businesses can achieve maximum growth by optimizing every aspect of their digital growth machine. Unfortunately, they’re also often short on resources and forced to be selective about where to spend their time.

I regularly have to walk with this delicate line myself. Still, I’ve recently chosen to add a new item to my to do list: spending time on Quora.

I’ve learned that Quora can help you realize exceptional benefits from content marketing, perhaps especially for small businesses. In this post, discover how being present on Quora can help you create quality content and drive traffic and leads to your website.

Use Quora to Guide your Content Creation


Get to know your customer

The first step in an effective content marketing strategy is to get to know your ideal customer. Your content can be meticulously researched and beautifully written but if it doesn’t resonate with your ideal customer, you’ve wasted your time.

There are many tools you can use to research your buyer persona. None of them provide keener insights into your customers’ state of mind than Quora. Check out the most followed questions on your topic and read the comments people leave in response to the answers.

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Generate content ideas

Content marketing can be a challenge for small businesses because it takes time to consistently produce high quality content. You can ease the burden of content marketing by keeping a bank of great content ideas to draw from when you sit down to write a post.

Quora can provide a wealth of questions that people have asked around your seed topic. Best of all, once you’ve produced the content, you can circle back to answer the questions on Quora, and plug your new post in your answer. But more on this later.


Improve your writing

If your small business doesn’t have a professional content writer on staff (and most don’t) then one of your content marketing stumbling blocks may be a little insecurity around the quality of your writing.

If you want to become a better writer, you should be writing as much and as regularly as possible. Quora can provide endless writing opportunities, combined with the best possible writing prompts: real-life questions. Schedule time every week to answer questions on Quora and you’ll see firsthand how practice makes perfect.

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Build up writing speed

Most people don’t like feeling rushed when they write. But when you need to keep pumping out new blog posts and you’re swamped with other responsibilities, writing quickly becomes a requirement.

Here’s another case where practice makes perfect. Writing every day, including answers on Quora, is a great way to pick up speed in your writing.

Use Quora to drive traffic and leads


Build up your brand awareness

Quora now boasts 300 million unique visitors per month. (That’s almost the population of the United States!) Until your own blog begins to draw in high traffic numbers, you can get in front of Quora’s expansive user base and extend the visibility of your brand.


Become a voice of authority

Content marketing is useful for building up your credibility with potential customers. You may have valuable insights to share, but it’s a noisy world. It’s hard to be heard when everyone is pushing out content at a never-been-seen rate.

For small businesses like yours, Quora can level the playing field. Answering questions on Quora lets you showcase your depth of knowledge and build up your online reputation.

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Rank on Google

Brand new websites that haven’t yet built up authority via quality incoming links can struggle to rank on google. But Google and Bing do show Quora results. Try answering questions on Quora. You may find your answer ranks better than the content you’ve created on the same topic on your own website.


Drive high-quality referral traffic to your site

Your primary objective when you answer a question on Quora should be to provide value. Sometimes, you can make your answer more helpful by including a link to additional content on your blog. When your link is relevant and contextual, it can drive high-quality referral traffic to your website from people who are receptive to the answers and solutions your content provides.

A word of caution: Avoid inserting too many self-promotional links or links that don’t lend direct value in the context of the question that was asked. Doing that can make you look spammy and get you banned on Quora.

quora content marketing for small business

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Build up your email list

Growing your email list lets you nurture your relationship with visitors until they’re ready to become customers. How do you grow your email list? By offering irresistible resources, or “lead magnets”, that visitors can download in exchange for their contact information.

The same way that you can link to your blog posts in your Quora answers, you can also link to your site’s offer pages with lead magnets. In that way, Quora can play an important role in your email marketing strategy.

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Conquer imposter syndrome

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are prone to imposter’s syndrome – the secretly held belief that their success is owed to external factors or dumb luck, not to their own skills and capabilities.

Realizing that you’re able to consistently provide helpful, comprehensive answers to the Quora questions your prospects and customers ask is a great way to boost your confidence and banish importer syndrome.

quora content marketing for small business
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Over to you

Have you dabbled with Quora? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Looking for more help with your content marketing? Check out our content marketing best practices for small business or contact Exaltus today!

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