There’s a reason your email is always flooded with messages: email marketing works and everyone wants a piece of the action.

The benefits of email marketing are striking. Email marketing offers a $38 return on every $1 invested. And email is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. In fact, marketing executives attribute 21% of their revenue to email marketing.

Why is email so effective? For one thing, only a small percentage of your site visitors will convert on their first visit. But when you have their email address, you can nurture the relationship even after they leave.

There are many different approaches to email marketing but they all rely on one prerequisite: a list of email addresses from people who have subscribed and who are interested in what you have to say. How do you earn those subscribers? Lead magnets are a big help.

What is a lead magnet? A piece of valuable content that you create with the objective – you guessed it – of attracting more leads. You give the lead magnet away for free, with one catch – in order to receive your piece of content, your site visitor must supply his or her email address.

Many people I speak to love the idea of producing lead magnets. They just can’t think of what to produce that visitors might find valuable. The truth is, it’s easier than you think. Read on to uncover 26 effective lead magnet ideas to help you grow your email list.

Time Savers & Reminders

lead magnet checklist

Source: Exaltus

A Checklist

Some people think a lead magnet has to be a lengthy, elaborate piece of content like a guide or an e-book. In fact, shorter pieces have a comparable or even higher track record of success and are much quicker to create.

Checklists, for example, are very helpful companions for recurring tasks with many detailed steps to follow. I’ve created several downloadable content marketing checklists myself, such as this content post-production checklist for after you have written a blog post, an iOS App marketing checklist,  and an on-page SEO checklist.

Lead magnet cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a quick-reference guide containing helpful tips and suggestions. A downloadable list of great lead magnet ideas would be a great companion download to this post. So is Brittany Berger’s downloadable list of first tasks to automate if you are a solo entrepreneur.

Source: BPlans

A Template

A template is another lead magnet that is attractive because it saves time for the person downloading it. For example, for someone facing the daunting task of preparing a business plan, a professional template helps to identify the content they need to include in the plan and the order and format in which it should be presented. Think of what kind of templates you could produce that would be helpful to your ideal clients.

lead magnet swipe file

Source: Erin Blaskie

A Swipe File

A swipe file is a collection of writing snippets that professional copywriters use to get their creative juices flowing. Erin Blaskie offers a swipe file of email subject lines. You can find swipe files of headlines that are designed to hook the reader. Or onlide ad copy.

brand guidelines template

Download our FREE brand guidelines template!

Our template will help you make your brand recognizable, stand out from the crowd, and create a relationship with you prospects and customers.



lead magnet webinar

Source: Sumo


Hosting a webinar can be an affordable way to position yourself as an authority in your space, to develop relationships with prospects, and to raise brand awareness. Beyond those advantages, a webinar can also help you build up your email list. Just require participants to submit their email address to enroll in the upcoming webinar and receive reminders about the event.

Email Course

An email course is a series of educational emails on a given topic that is automatically sent out over a period of time. For someone who is interested in learning about something, but don’t have the time to sign up for a course, valuable nuggets of information, personally delivered to their inbox could be just the thing.

lead magnet FAQ


An FAQ guide is a short reference structured as a list of questions and answers on a given topic. You could see how this “44 Answers” guide would be hugely valuable to someone who wants a quick jump start into publishing their e-book on Kindle.

lead magnet video course

Video Training

Video training courses are another great lead magnet idea. Preparing a training video might be as easy having someone record you as you give your next in-person training session or webinar.

lead magnet research data

Research Data

Have you conducted your own proprietary research on a topic that would be of interest to your prospects? Package up your data into meaningful insights and share it with visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

lead magnet ebook



Producing an e-book can be very time-consuming, and your results won’t always justify the extra effort. That’s because people often don’t want to devote the time to reading an entire e-book. If you do invest the time in producing an e-book, you can increase your odds that it will be a success. Just make sure to properly highlight, very specifically, the benefits your visitors will get out of downloading your e-book.

lead magnet white paper


White Paper

If you’re in the B2B space, using a white paper as a lead magnet is an excellent way to show off your understanding of, and authority in, your space.

lead magnet tools


Tools & Resources

Another great lead magnet idea is to compile a list of useful tools or resources that