Whiteboard videos, the kind that simulates the act of someone drawing out ideas while they speak, can be used to accomplish many goals. Just to name a few examples, you can use whiteboard animation to:

  • make complex data more meaningful and interesting
  • promote your product or service
  • persuade people to take action
  • share your origin story
  • share helpful tips and advice
  • educate employees and customers

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

There are many formats that you can use to tell your story or to communicate an important message. You could use text, presentations, infographics, podcasts, other types of video—just to name a few of your options. So what makes whiteboard animation different? In this post, I’ll outline a few key reasons why you should include whiteboard animation in your content marketing plan.


Cut through the clutter

Compared to more static media, video formats inevitably create more impact. There’s just something about the combination of sight, sound, and motion that’s naturally attention-grabbing. And in a day of information overload, that’s an important quality to strive for.

No need to get in front of a camera

Not all video formats were created equal. Talking head videos can be effective, but let’s face it: we’re not all destined to appear in front of the camera. With whiteboard animation, no need to face the camera with dubious results. No need to hire actors. In whiteboard videos, hand-drawn characters are the stars of the show.


Stand out from the crowd

When you look around at other competitors in your industry, chances are that many of them are doing a lot of the same things in their marketing. Maybe it’s presentations. Maybe it’s brochures and one-pagers. But how many of them are using whiteboard animation? In most industries, the answer is: not many of them. That means that you can really stand out from the pack when you use whiteboard animation to tell your story.

Hold their attention

Have you noticed that whiteboard videos – at least the really good ones – have a way of almost hypnotizing you? Whiteboard animation stimulates a sense of anticipation as the visuals are being drawn, keeping viewers mesmerized, unable or unwilling to look away. There aren’t many formats you can say that about, in an era when viewers are increasingly attention-span challenged.


Be remembered

Videos may command the attention of viewers, but how much will those viewers remember, after the fact? Well, the answer greatly depends on the type of video you use. And studies have shown that whiteboard animation boasts a 15% higher recall rate than talking head videos.

Go viral

The dream of every business owner is for their message to go viral. While we may never be able to guarantee that elusive outcome, research shows that whiteboard viewers are three times more likely to share the videos on social media than are viewers of talking-head videos.


Over to you

If you haven’t tried your hand at whiteboard animation, what are you waiting for? It’s easier and more affordable than you think. C