The right marketing message can help you attract the attention of your ideal customer and effectively communicate the value of your brand. But consumers and businesses are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages. To stand out from the crowd, your brand’s marketing messages have to be impactful and succinctly describe what you do.

In this post, we’ll discuss the key elements of brilliant marketing messaging, and the steps you should take to create your own.

Key Elements of Brilliant Marketing Messaging

1. Keep It Short & Sweet

The most powerful taglines can say it all in few words. Don’t drone on and on and count on readers to stick around while you meander around your point.

marketing messages fair-and-balanced
marketing messages got-milk
marketing messages just-do-it

2. They are written from the customer’s point of view

Instead of shouting how great you are, try positioning the benefit of your offering, from your customer’s point of view.

marketing messages calgon take me away
marketing messages youre in good hands

3. Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Nobody likes buzzword-heavy corporate jargon. Winning messaging uses plain language to explain the benefits of your brand.

marketing messages a-diamond-is-forever-de-beers
marketing messages kfc-finger-lickin-good

4. Choose language that sparks emotion

Decision making is the domain of our emotional brains. It’s often said that we make decisions with our emotions first, before we rationalize the decision with an examination of pros and cons. Infuse your messaging with emotion to help boost conversions.

marketing messages be-all-you-can-be