Presentations can be a stiff, formal affair. Even if you design a presentation contains solid material, your audience may just not be in the best state of mind to receive it. Adding funny quotes to your deck is a simple way to add levity to your presentation, and coax your audience into a positive mindset.

Bad Timing, Tough Crowd

funny quotesIf you’ve ever been the last speaker at the end of a day of meetings, you’ve probably found yourself staring into a sea of glazed eyes and punch-drunk faces.

Or if you’ve ever presented right before a late lunch, your voice may have had to compete with the sounds of angrily growling stomachs.

In the best of cases, people can only stay attentive for so long. If you have a ton of dense material to present, your audience may need your help to stay alert.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

funny quotes

Some presenters hope that orchestrating a spontaneous jumping jack session will bring the crowd to attention. But personally, I never appreciate being on the receiving end of that tactic.

There’s a much easier way. Just make them chuckle.

Your audience will derive many short-term benefits from laughing. Laughter increases endorphin levels, relieves stress, and appeases tension.

Not a Gifted Stand-Up?

funny quotesIf you’re not known for your comedic timing, don’t chance a joke that could land flat and be greeted with crickets.

Piggy back on the talents of the wittier people before you, who crafted quality quips that have stood the test of time.

To get you started, I’ve paired up some of my favourite lines with high impact images. Please feel free to insert them into your deck for your next presentation.

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