Every presentation you deliver is a chance to build relationships and to differentiate your company. Don’t waste these opportunities by pushing out one-size-fits-all presentations that leave your audience underwhelmed.

Learn from the likes of ConverseHP and Mustang, who harness the power of personalization to ignite passion in their customers and boost conversion rates.

In this post, find out how to design powerful presentations that lead your audience on a personalized journey that engages and persuades.

Slice and Dice Your Way to Success

custom presentationsPowerful custom presentations begin with a laser-sharp focus on the specific needs and wants of the people you’ll be meeting.

The key is to segment your addressable market into groups with common needs, objectives, and priorities so that you can craft custom presentations that engage, persuade and convert each segment.

Start by slicing and dicing your potential market by industry and type of audience. Then, fine tune your segmentation by considering your audience’s specific needs, which of your offerings best address those needs, where they are in the sales cycle, and how much time you have to present.

custom presentationsCustom Presentations for Different Industries

Companies operating within a particular industry and of similar size are often impacted by common market forces and share similar realities and preoccupations.

Dot your presentations with the right stories and examples to resonate with customers. Use language that they are accustomed to. Highlight your experience in their industry by using the right case studies.

custom presentationsCustom Presentations by Type of Audience

Tailor your presentation to the individuals you are meeting. The deck should acknowledge their most debilitating challenges, reflect what they define as positive outcomes, employ language that they can relate to, include quotes that will inspire them, and even incorporate audience-appropriate design elements.

Use any demographic and psychographic insight you can get your hands on. If you can, define buyer personas and target your presentations to each one. At a minimum, take into account your audience’s position within their organization.

For example, give high-level executives the business case for your solution, its ROI, and other financial considerations. For logistics and line managers, provide more granular detail on your solution and how to implement it.

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custom presentationsCustom Presentations for Each of your Offerings

Don’t weigh down your presentation with details on products that aren’t a good fit for the people you’re meeting. It’s counter-productive.

Instead, focus on solutions that will best meet your prospects’ needs. Present your offering in a way that shows how it solves their very specific problems.

custom presentationsCustom Presentations Based on Stage of Sales Cycle

Adapt your presentation to where your prospect is in the sales cycle.

Are they at very early stages, and still not convinced that they have a problem that needs solving? Include slides that show why their status quo isn’t optimal.

Have your prospects already started researching solutions? Highlight what makes your solution unique.

Are you trying to close a sale with prospects who need a little more validation? Include About Us slides, success stories, pricing slides, and financial proposals.

custom presentationsCustom Presentations Based on Time Available

Has your audience set aside ample time for your presentation, or will you be limited to a narrow window?

Prepare a presentation that you’ll have time to cover in the allotted time, allowing for questions and discussion.

You’re enthusiastic and want to make sure you include all the information that could help your audience choose you. But if you overload your deck with content, you’ll find yourself wrestling with one of three undesirable outcomes: rushing through slides, exceeding your allotted time, or losing your audience before you’ve covered your material.

Need a Hand?

It can be a daunting task to customize each of your decks to fit your audience’s exact needs. But can you afford to throw away those opportunities on cookie-cutter presentations that miss the mark?

I understand that challenge because I have faced it myself, which is why I built the Slide Wizard tool, which lets me build powerful custom presentations on the fly.

I simply plug in the specifics of each audience and meeting, and the Wizard generates the perfect presentation. It has worked so well for me, that I’ve recently decided to make it available to my clients. Are you interested in finding out more? Please contact me for more information or a personalized quote.

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