This past summer was a busy one for Exaltus. We were fortunate enough to sign on several new clients, which doesn’t always happen in the summer, when my clients’ marketing planning takes a holiday along with their key decision makers.

In addition to the extra client load, I managed to carve out some time to look to the future and think strategically about Exaltus.

The result was two new service plans that we now offer to our clients: the Blog in a Box and the Startup Kit. In this post, I’ll explain why they came to be and what they’re about.


The Blog in a Box Plan

What is Blog in a Box?

Our new Blog in a Box plan is a bundle of content marketing services. Essentially, we come up with content ideas for our customers and produce two blog posts per month.

It includes a ton of valuable services, including:


We plan your content


We produce two quality posts per month


We search-engine optimize your posts


We promote your content on social media


We bring you subscribers and customers


We measure and optimize

Why did we create Blog in a Box?

Managing company blogs is something we’ve actually been doing for years to help our clients increase their website traffic and convert it into customers.

The difference with Blog in a Box is the way we’ve packaged the offer at an affordable monthly price to look after every single aspect of writing, publishing and promoting the content.

It’s 100% turnkey, which makes it much easier for our clients to know exactly what they’re going to get.

Because we handle the entire process, clients are freed up to focus on their business, while still reaping the rewards of content marketing. (We do of course offer multiple checkpoints for them to look in on our work along the way, so they never have to worry that their blog will take a direction that they’re not entirely happy with.)

And packaging up our content marketing services is beneficial for Exaltus as well. It leads to a more consistent and predictable workload, which means:

  1. We can take on more clients because we can grow our team to accommodate the need (which is harder to do when the work comes in peaks and valleys)
  2. We can assemble a dream team of specialists to focus on each specific task — i.e. seasoned writers to do all the writing, senior graphic designers to create the visuals, expert SEOs to optimize the posts, etc.

We know our clients can’t afford to keep all those specialists on full-time staff and so we feel really good about the value we’re delivering.

Who is Blog in a Box right for?

We designed Blog in a Box for mid-sized businesses who:

  • Want to drive more business opportunities through their website
  • Understand they need to consistently publish and promote quality content in order to drive traffic and win customers through their website.
  • Don’t have an in-house marketing team with enough time and the right mix of talent in writing, graphic design, SEO, marketing and web analytics.
  • Want a content marketing partner they can trust to manage the entire process for them and deliver measurable results.

The Startup Kit

Our Startup Kit plan is a bundle of three professional and consistent marketing essentials that startups need to make an impact in the marketplace across multiple touchpoints.

Here’s what it includes:

Why did we create the Startup Kit plan?

Over the years, we’ve worked with many startups. They often hire us to produce one of these assets — like a website — and after working with us, ask us to help them with other items they need, like an explainer video or sales presentation.

It’s not entirely surprising: startups need to be able to tell their story effectively in a variety of different ways, depending on the context. But because they’re just starting out, they have very few materials to support their marketing efforts.

We’ve been producing videos, presentations, and websites for years, so how are the Startup Kits different?

It has to do with our process. Whenever we produce any one of these assets for a client, especially for a startup, we always need to spend time with the client to understand their business. We’ve figured out which questions to ask to quickly get at the heart of the key messages that we need to draw out.

In each asset, the story is told a little differently, and so we ask slightly different questions, depending on what they need.

When a client signs up for a Startup Kit, and we know we’ll be producing all three marketing pieces for them, we now take them through a single, optimized discovery process that gets us all the information we will need to produce the entire kit — in a single, combined process. That means:

  • Our clients save time by avoiding repeated session answering the same types of questions again and again.
  • We save time for the same reason, which means we can charge less for the Startup Kit than we could if we charged each item separately (and certainly less than the cost of an in-house team for our clients).
  • Our clients benefit from a collection of beautiful and effective marketing materials that are consistent in both messaging and branding.

Who is the Startup Kit Right for?

We designed the Startup Kit plan for startups who want to

  • Get a fresh perspective from marketing experts who know how to turn their complex information into a compelling story.
  • Make the most of every revenue opportunity by effectively communicating the value of their offering across all touch points.
  • Present consistent messaging and branding across all their marketing materials.
  • Invest their funds responsibly by signing up for a Startup Kit at a fraction of the cost of an expensive, full-time, multi-disciplinary marketing team.

Know anyone who might be interested?

If you or anyone you know want to grow your business and could benefit from either of our new marketing packages, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us to find out about pricing.