According to TNW, close to 2.8 billion people – or 37% of the global population – are on Social Media. That represents an 8% year-on-year growth. If there was ever any doubt, that alone should convince you that your business needs to have a presence on social media.

But with so many social networks claiming their piece of that audience, how can you possibly post and engage everywhere regularly? And if you’re a small or medium-sized business, with a small marketing team, the challenge can seem daunting. That is unless you’re using social media automation tools to help you save time and work faster.

In this post, read about the seven tools that I’ve used and loved to stay present on Twitter.

tweepi social media automation tools for small businesses


Tweepi makes it easy for you to find and follow Twitter users who are interested in your topic. You can also build a strategy around Tweepi to boost your following. Find out how Matthew Barby did just that, in his post about his social media strategy.

social media automation tools for small businesses


BuzzSumo is a great content marketing tool. I use it in a multitude of ways:

  • To generate content ideas
  • To find great content to share
  • To find influencers who might be interested in sharing new posts I publish.
SmarterQueue social media automation tools for small businesses


SmarterQueue is one of my favourite discoveries. The tool lets you load up a queue of your evergreen blog content and rotate it through your social networks, freeing you up to actually engage, live. I could go on a lot longer about this tool, and I actually have in my post about 27 Critical Steps to Follow After You’ve Written a Post. But don’t take my word for it. Read this Socially Sorted review about how SmarterQueue stacks up against the more expensive Meet Edgar.

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Dlvrit social media automation tools for small businesses is a tool that automatically shares content from your favourite blog, as soon as it is released. It helps me keep my feed full of quality content. I don’t use it too broadly because I don’t want to junk up my feed. I use with a couple of carefully selected blogs that regularly publish top-quality content which I always love. And I use it as a supplement to (not a substitute for) my own tweeting and sharing.

Crowdfire social media automation tools for small businesses


In just a few minutes a day, Crowdfire helps you automatically find articles your audience will enjoy so that you can schedule them in advance, then publish them at the best times. Crowdfile also helps you follow the right users, unfollow inactive users or those who don’t follow you back and engage with your fans and followers. Crowdfire is like having a social media assistant.

hootsuite social media automation tools for small businesses


HootSuite is a time-tested all-in-one social media automation tool that lets you monitor and manage all your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ accounts from a single interface.

social media automation tools for small businesses


ManageFlitter helps you find new relevant users to follow and clean up your Twitter account. Decide to unfollow users who, for example, don’t follow you back or who post infrequently.

social media automation tools for small businesses


If you’re a Buffer user, then you’re aware of the manual process it takes to schedule social media updates. Bulkly allows you to automatically add social media updates into your Buffer queues which eliminates the manual process of scheduling updates.

Over To You

In this post, I’ve covered seven of my favourite social media automation tools. There are so many more. And what’s more, new tools surface all the time. Take the time to investigate and find the tools that work best for you.

Have I missed any tools that you love? I’m always happy to nourish my tools habit, so please share your tips in the comments!

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