L’animation sur tableau blanc est utile lorsque vous voulez

Avantages d’une animation sur tableau blanc

L’animation sur tableau blanc a les mêmes objectifs que les présentations vidéo de divers types, des infographiques et d’autres formes de marketing de contenu. Mais alors, qu’est-ce qui en fait un mode de présentation distinctif? Considérez les avantages principaux des animations sur tableaux blancs.

Nos récentes vidéos

“It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been professional, creative, responsive, flexible and in good spirits throughout the entire process. I’ve learned a ton from this project and have you to thank. I’d be happy to recommend you to others.”

Cara Tannenbaum, MD, MSc

Scientific Director, IGH
Canadian Deprescribing Network

“After showing everyone the videos, they were amazed!! There were lots of chuckles at the illustrations and sound effects, and even some “wows” at the statistics and facts that we have included. They have heard us talk about these facts and figures endlessly, but I think it really resonated with them when they saw the way that you presented them. It was exciting to see their reaction.”

Justin Turner

Senior Advisor, Science Strategy
Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN)
Université de Montréal

“We came to Carole with a great vision but had no idea how to get there. Carole was so fantastic to partner with every step of the way. She is a true creative consultant that helped us achieve even more than what we have envisioned. The final product was a huge success!

She was available all throughout the project and was open to ongoing feedback- she and her team never cut corners. She made it clear that the goal was for it to be perfect and she worked with us to make it happen. When I presented the new whiteboard explainer video at our annual sales meeting everyone went crazy! They loved it! Carole and her team nailed our message.

Exaltus has been a dream to work with. They are true professionals who are collaborative partners. I would highly recommend Carole and her Exaltus team!!!”

Michela Syrie-Paul

Vice President Ontario Region

“I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the videos. Everybody loves them. They’ve proven to be the best way to get potential customers to immediately grasp what we do and to see the benefits. Plus, we’re getting so much buzz on our social networks!”

Garnet B. Smith

Founder & President
Enthalpy (H)