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post-it-fullHi, my name is Carole Alalouf, and I am the founder of Exaltus. I built my 20+ year career on a solid foundation of marketing, analytics, and the Web.

To excel at marketing and business solutions, I firmly believe that you need the very skills I have spent my career developing: marketing know-how and strong analytical capabilities. That’s what inspired the launch of Exaltus.

I am passionate about Exaltus, and what I do. My satisfaction comes from knowing that Exaltus is an integral part of my clients’ success stories. I hope you’ll let us be part of yours.

About Exaltus: The Secret to Our Success

We believe that magic happens when you marry innovative creativity with razor-sharp analytics. That’s why we have surrounded ourselves with talented people who can deliver both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between.

Marketing: Online and off! 100%
Content Production: Graphic design, Writing, Etc. 90%
Marketing Strategy 70%
Advertising 60%

The Exaltus Story

How does a math geek build a business around the service of storytelling? In this whiteboard video, find out about Exaltus’ beginnings, starting with one really bad presentation.

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