Exaltus clients come in all sizes — from large multinationals to tiny mom and pops.
While we adapt our approach to each organization, we pride ourselves on offering the same top quality service to everyone.


After showing everyone the videos, they were amazed!! There were lots of chuckles at the illustrations and sound effects, and even some “wows” at the statistics and facts that we have included. They have heard us talk about these facts and figures endlessly, but I think it really resonated with them when they saw the way that you presented them. It was exciting to see their reaction.

Justin Turner, Canadian Deprescribing Network, Université de Montréal

It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been professional, creative, responsive, flexible and in good spirits throughout the entire process. I’ve learned a ton from this project and have you to thank. I’d be happy to recommend you to others.

Cara Tannenbaum, MD, MSc, Canadian Deprescribing Network

Having worked with Exaltus previously and experienced exceptional results, I initially hired Exaltus to revamp an important sales presentation at Upchain. The result was so impressive that Exaltus became our go-to provider for all things marketing, from sales and investor presentations, to web development, to social media and content marketing.

Carole Alalouf, founder of Exaltus, is a dedicated, experienced and strategic partner who is passionate about seeing her clients succeed. She has worked hard to ensure we were satisfied and accommodated our tight schedule.  She has built a team that is versatile, talented, efficient and easy to work with. I have enjoyed working with Exaltus so much that I have hired them on multiple occasions since, and plan on doing so moving forward. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to take their sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

Mike Domazet, Upchain

Carole has helped me design and build a website for my new business.

She has been efficient, pro-active and creative throughout the process, and has also understood my own limited tech skills, the particular needs of the project and the financial stresses of a start-up.

The end result is also very visually striking and addresses the needs of my business perfectly.

I have no hesitation to recommend her for tech online design work.

Ted Claxton, Claxton Business Law

Carole is very strategic in her approach when providing research and marketing recommendations to clients.
She has strong analytical skills that help her clients make better decision that have impactful results on your bottom line. First and foremost, Carole always addresses her client’s needs with the utmost in professionalism and certainty. This is definitely driven by her strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude.

Carole is excellent at building strong business relationships that create a lasting impression. Her creative approach to solving problems and identifying opportunities really provide business benefits that go above and beyond her mandate.

I learned a lot working with Carole, she is very professional, organized, and reliable. Carole was constantly engaged by addressing issues, diagnosing problems, providing solutions and making sound recommendations. She is a strategic thinker and someone you definitely want working with you.

Arthur Liberian, Planbox

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Carole’s business acumen is ‘I truly wish I could clone her’. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carole and also hiring her for business development with a new product I had created.

Carole has a unique blend of analytical abilities and marketing expertise that made her a clear cut choice when I looked to partner with someone to help me market Pandora’s Chest. She has a talent for finding powerful and creative solutions to complex problems and makes it look easy. I had a situation that required a quick turnaround without compromising the quality or depth of the creative execution.

Carole has years of management experience and her passion for her work is unparalleled. What I love about her is the passion she brings to every project she takes on as if it were her own company or brand.

I recommend Carole Alalouf with unbridled enthusiasm because she is one of the best thinkers and partners in business that I’ve ever worked with.

Judy Kenny, Pandora's Chest

Yesterday, I spoke at a featured event at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association. I am a Professor of Medicine and the Edwards Professor of Cardiology at McGill University. I have given many presentations at medical meetings around the world. But this presentation was particularly important. The challenge was that I had to communicate multiple, complex concepts to a large audience with a wide range of background knowledge about the subjects I was addressing. Moreover, my fellow speakers were all highly regarded scientists who were all highly experienced giving presentations at major medical meetings. Their slides would be first class. I needed something better than first class.

That is why I reached out for professional help and contacted Exaltus. I cannot say enough positive about the experience. It was important to me that my presentation have a fresh look but the look must not detract from the content. Each slide had to count. The message on each had to be clear. The sequence had to work. Less would be more. But too little would fail.

Carole had to understand what I wanted to communicate. My conclusions were clear but the audience had to see that they were evidence-based.  And she did all that.  Her product was superb. She was fast and she was responsive. There was an easy back and forth, which resulted very quickly in a wonderful final product.

I was totally confident before I began and that confidence translated into a good performance on my part. I am delighted with the experience and I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Dr. Allan Sniderman, McGill University