A whole article about fonts for social media posts? Are you wondering why in social media, fonts would even matter? Well they do, and here’s why.

Give your Social Media Posts a Boost with Visuals

According to Buzzsumo, you can double your engagement on Facebook posts by adding an image. Buzzsumo also shows that you can generate over 150% more retweets by adding images to your tweets. And the more impactful your images, the more you can count on that engagement boost.

To design social media images that stop social media scrollers in their tracks, you’ll obviously want to start by finding the right, high-drama illustration or photo for each post. Luckily, you can now pick your winning pics from a ton of great free stock photo sites now available online.

Why Your Choice of Fonts for Social Media Matters

But choosing a great photo is only the beginning. Typography plays an important role in creating attention-grabbing social images. Here are some key principles you should consider:

  • Less is more. Social media images aren’t the place for full paragraphs of text. Keep your text short and inviting.
  • Choose the right colors. I like to style my fonts in a color that complements the underlying photo. Sticking to your brand’s color palette is another safe option.
  • Be strategic with your font pairings. There’s nothing wrong with using a couple of different fonts on your social media images, but you have to do it artfully. Here are some helpful suggestions for pairing your fonts.
  • Go bold. Don’t waste your social media real estate on bland fonts like Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman. Especially when there are beautiful alternatives that you can download, absolutely free.

In this post, we’ll present 24 creative and free fonts for your social media images, to help you create drama drive up your engagement.


Download Helena font for free


Download Borg font for free


Download Farray font for free


Download Playball font for free


Download Playlist font for free


Download Aaargh font for free

Download Azedo font for free


Download Lovelo font for free

free-creative-fonts-for-social-media-images_Stay Writer

Download Stay Writer font for free


Download Gardenia font for free


Download Lobster font for free


Download Breathe font for free


Download Devious font for free


Download Glamor font for free

free-creative-fonts-for-social-media-images_Boomtown Deco

Download Boomtown Deco font for free


Download Promesh Two font for free


Download Pacifico font for free

free-creative-fonts-for-social-media-images_Baron Neue

Download Baron Neue font for free


Download Dellisha font for free