One of the things I love about my business is that I touch on so many different types of activities. One day, I’m designing a presentation or an infographic, and the next I’m producing a whiteboard animation video or search engine optimizing a site. Not only does that keep me from getting bored, but it also opens up my thinking to new possibilities.

That’s what happened when I  worked on this whiteboard video about Enthalpy (H), a predictive analytics solution for SaaS companies. (If you sell SaaS software, you can find out more about H on

After I completed the video,  I was asked to create a PowerPoint presentation consistent with the storyline of their new video. Inspired by the video, we decided to take an innovative approach and design the presentation in a hand-drawn style. Here is what it looked like.

In this post, I’ll take you through 5 key benefits of adopting a hand-drawn style for your next PowerPoint presentation.

1. Stand Out

The most compelling reason to design your next deck in a hand-drawn style is simply that it’s different. Presentations created in a flat design or with full bleed photos can be stunning, but they are also much more common.

If your audience sees a lot of presentations, you want to stand out from the pack. Crafting your deck in a hand-drawn style is a great way to be unique and to leave a lasting impression.

2. Get More Bang for your Buck

To produce the whiteboard video about H, I needed to illustrate the key elements of their storyline. That meant that when I sat down to build their deck, I already had a bank of illustrated images to draw from. As a result, rolling out the deck was a relatively speedy and inexpensive process.

If you’re planning to produce both a whiteboard video and a PowerPoint presentation, opting for a hand-drawn deck offers efficiencies that are hard to ignore.

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3. Keep it Casual

For some of my clients, the ultimate goal is to appear polished and professional. For others, a corporate feel is the last thing they want.

That was the case for the makers of Enthalpy (H), whose typical audience prefers a more hip and informal presentation style. For them, or any company striving to ‘keep it casual’, a hand-drawn PowerPoint design is a perfect fit.

4. Make it Visual… Even When Photos Just Won’t Work

Certain presentation topics make it easy to find compelling photos to perfectly support the point you’re trying to make. Other topics are more challenging in that respect.

H is a software product that offers impressive benefits to its users. Benefits like churn reduction, income predictability, and operational excellence. Benefits that are sadly challenging to depict in photos — aside from those cringe-worthy, generic pics of business people with frozen smiles holding briefcases and shaking hands.

Opting for a hand-drawn style allows you to go a completely different route that’s every bit as visual as photos, but a whole lot more original.

5. Fun Transitions

If you’re into the fun slide transition effects that are now bundled with PowerPoint, you’ll have noticed that there are several paper-related effects like crumpling paper, origami, peeling paper, etc.

Those transitions are a perfect fit for a hand-drawn style presentation. Take a look, for example, at our paper airplane transition below.

Over to You!

How about you? Have you dabbled in interesting styles of presentation design? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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