The cobbler’s children have no shoes, the carpenter’s house always needs work … and the content marketer’s blog is out of date.

Yes. I’m guilty. It’s so important to be consistent with your content marketing efforts. I know it all too well. I say it to my clients all the time. And I’m religious about sticking to the schedule when it comes to my clients’ blogs. Yet here I find myself, sheepishly returning to my blog after having taken the summer off.

You see, I got a little lost. My clients have had a ton of interesting content marketing projects for me. And as is my way, I’ve thrown myself into them head first, leaving myself very little time to look after my own blog. I’m really going to try to do better on that front.

But while I hang my head in shame for not practicing what I preach when it comes to maintaining my blog… I can’t help but feel proud of my amazing clients and all the great work we’ve done together in just a couple of short months.

In this post, I’ll catch you up on some of the exciting projects that Exaltus has been involved in this spring and summer. Maybe it will inspire you to tackle a few new projects of your own!

New Web Sites

Over the past few months, I’ve developed websites for startups who needed help to create their first online footprint. I’ve loved helping them get the word out about their businesses.

Em and Breez, for example, produces and delivers delicious peanut-free sweets around Montreal. They were just starting out and their needs were simple. I produced a lean one-page site that they’re using to promote their baked goods and take customer orders.

While Em and Breez engaged my inner glutton, I was glad to have a site to work on that focused on health and fitness. My client Michele Hartmangruber launched her business, Hartuition, to help her clients achieve positive physical and mental personal transformations. We created, a multi-page site that outlines the many services she provides and where we’ll be publishing blog posts filled with inspiration and helpful tips.


Michele and I are only beginning to develop the Hartuition blog. We started with a couple of posts on how to harness the power of positivity and positive thinking quotes to inspire. But there’s a lot more inspiring content to come, so make sure to check back in soon!

For several years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith Green Construction Inc, roofing and construction contractors just outside of Portland, Oregon. For KGC, I focus on home-related content on home renovation, remodeling, decoration and organization.

Some of my most recent posts have included decor ideas for spring, rustic home decor ideas, and a piece on the value of different home renovation projects in Portland.

They’ve also recently launched a Facebook page, which I’ll be helping to post fresh content to.

It’s been a busy summer of content creation for Reading Rewards, the reading program I run with my partner Michelle. Reading Rewards is an interactive reading log and reading incentive program.

On the blog, I produce content for teachers, parents, and librarians who share our passion for getting kids reading. Here are some of the posts I produced this summer.


I love designing infographics. There’s nothing I find more satisfying than presenting a wealth of dense information in a way that makes it easy to digest and pretty to look at. In recent months, I’ve produced many different infographics for clients.

For REC Media, which offers advertising and experiential opportunities in community and municipal athletic facilities, I produced an infographic on the top 16 reasons to invest in digital out-of-home advertising.

For Reading Rewards, I presented key trends about children, teens and reading. And for Wafu, which produces delicious Japanese dressings, I created this infographic about the intriguing qualities of Yuzu.