In my last post, I told you why I think it’s beneficial to always be learning. We should all be lifelong learners, because learning keeps our minds sharp and our lives interesting.

Unfortunately, few of us are spoonfed learning opportunities. The responsibility is ours alone. We have to architect our own opportunities to learn.

Don’t worry, though. It’s so much easier than you might think. And it doesn’t always involve taking classes. It’s about knowing where to look. In this slideshow and post, here are a few tips on how to never stop learning.

Click through this presentation to view the tips as a slideshow, or scroll down.

How to Learn - Seize opportunities to learn

Be a Learning Opportunist.

Being a lifelong learner requires a certain mindset. You can and should plan structured learning activities. But if you pay attention, you’ll also discover unstructured learning opportunities everywhere you look. Seize those opportunities whenever they arise.

How to Learn - Set Goals

Set Goals.

Setting learning targets helps you keep your eyes on the prize. It ensures that you have a long-term vision for your personal development, and a path to achieve it. But setting proactive learning goals is only half the equation. Make sure to revisit your goals regularly, and to hold yourself accountable to them.

How to Learn - Schedule time for learning

Schedule Time for Learning.

If you want to achieve your goals, remember to break them down into smaller goals, and then set aside time each week or month for learning. Stick to your learning “appointments”, as you would any other meeting. Make learning a priority.

How to learn by reading

Learn by the Book.

Reading remains one of the best ways to acquire knowledge. In addition to books, take advantage of online resources like articles and blogs. Or multitask your commutes by listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

How to learn by taking a course

Take a Course.

Yes, you’ll find in-person training at your local college or community center. But there are other avenues too. and offer a wide range of online courses on a multitude of topics, which you can follow at your own pace.