Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your company produces top-shelf solutions, and yet your sales are being limited by a lack of awareness. Or maybe you struggle to communicate the value of your offering in a way that hits the mark with potential buyers?

Advertising has its place, but it’s expensive. And interruption marketing – which bombards your audiences with unwanted messages while they’re busy doing other things –  isn’t always effective.

This year, step up your B2B marketing game with a series of strategic tactics that earn the attention of prospective clients and make the most of every interaction.

1. Upgrade Your Presentations

A great place to start is with a long honest look at your presentations. Face-t0-face client opportunities are too precious to waste. Make sure you’re armed with a well-designed presentation that takes your audience on a personalized journey and leaves a lasting impression.

2. Explore the Power of Prezi

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to explore the dramatic possibilities of Prezi design. Unlike classic PowerPoint presentations, which cycle through slide after slide of information, Prezi lets you pan and zoom over a stunning image to emphasize your ideas. If you use it skillfully and in the right circumstances, your audience will be captivated.

3. Get More out of Your Presentations

Presentations are much more versatile than they used to be. Join the 65% of B2B marketers who use online presentations in their content marketing. I’ve counted at least 9 ways to re-purpose your presentations, but I’m willing to bet there are many more.

4. Appeal to Analytical Types

In your group of potential customers, you can bet there are some analytical types. You know the kind – they are systematic and deliberate in their decision making. Before they choose your product or service, they need to see the facts, presented in a logical way. So gather data to support your offering and design an infographic that presents it in a way that is attractive and easy to digest.

5. Broaden Your Reach

One of the reasons that infographics are a go-to tactic for content marketers is that they’re highly shareable. In fact, studies have shown that 78% of business-to-business buyers share infographics with colleagues, broadening your circle of influence. Make your infographics easy to share by publishing them on your social channels and having prominent share buttons where you post them on your site.

6. Become a Voice of Authority

Even when you aren’t sharing information about your product or service, infographics can help you promote yourself. Present valuable research data – whether it is original or third-party – that showcases your expertise and makes you a voice of authority in your industry.

7. Tell Your Story

When you’re meeting with prospective customers for the first time, you’ll inevitably want to tell them a little about your company. Unfortunately, nobody finds your story as interesting as you do. This year, design a professional explainer video that leverages the powerful combination of sight, sound and motion to bring your story to life. It’s a great way to break the ice and grab your audience’s attention at the start of your presentation. Take a look at the Exaltus story to see what I mean.

8. Try your Hand at Whiteboard Animation

When you decide to produce an explainer video, you’ll have to choose a style. This year, consider whiteboard animationStudies have shown that whiteboard videos can increase recall by as much as 22%, compared to traditional talking head videos. That’s because they command attention, they tell a story in a dynamic and entertaining way, and they stimulate a sense of anticipation. And if you work with the right partner, they’re easy to produce.

9. Get Social with Video

Videos are a powerful addition to your site and social channels. In fact, 76% of business-to-business marketers use videos in their content marketing plan. And because videos can be shared on an increasing number of social platforms – including Youtube,  Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – videos are an easy way to expand your reach to entirely new audiences.

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10. Make your Site Work Harder for you

Your website has the potential to be your best, 24/7 salesperson – hard at work while you’re doing other things. Is it rising to the challenge? Take the time to study how your site is performing: Are people leaving after seeing the first page, or are they taking the time to visit other pages, and ultimately reaching out to find out more? Once you’ve done your research, improve your Web pages to boost your conversion rates and to turn more visitors into customers.

B2B marketing creating content

11. Create Quality Content

This year, join 88% of B2B marketers who use content marketing in their marketing mix. Like them, you can earn the attention of potential customers by creating content that is valuable and relevant, and that provides the answers they need on their path to purchasing your product.

12. Drive Traffic to your Web pages

Creating high-performance pages filled with quality content is a great start. Sadly, the Field of Dreams motto ‘if you build it, they will come’ doesn’t always apply to the Web. To drive lasting traffic to your content, search-engine optimize your pages for the right search terms.

Email Marketing

b2b marketing touchpoints

13. Build Relationships

Engage with your prospects and clients.  Allow yourself to get to know them. Once someone has provided their email, they’ve started the conversation. It’s in your best interest to keep that relationship going.  Stay in touch, and let the relationship help establish the types of emails you send, as well as the frequency. And remember that every touchpoint can be leveraged, including transactional emails (confirmations and announcements), retention emails (newsletters, surveys, and partnership offers), activation emails (upsells and cross-sells), and loyalty emails (advanced purchases, invitations, and limited offers).

14. Leverage Personalization

Personalization allows you to show your customer you care, that you understand their needs and wants.  It’s more than just personalizing the email with their name. It’s acknowledging if they purchased in the past, if they’ve reached out to you through customer service or visited your site.  Any profiling or behavioral data gathered and analyzed should be leveraged to ensure the right offer is being presented to the right customer at the right time.

B2B marketing personalization

15. Onboard your Clients

Don’t assume that because the prospect visited your site or even purchased your product or service, that they understand your complete offering. Onboarding programs, a strategy being leveraged by loyalty programs, allows you to inform, educate and influence your customers.  It does not have to be complicated; a simple series of 3-4 emails can set the pace for a great first impression in building the relationship and creating a positive customer experience.